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digitalization and Sustainability

12/05/2021 - Il Sole 24 Ore

Imagine having to search for important information - vital to the security, for the sustainability and for business-detecting names and codes among thousands and thousands of pages, opening one by one hundreds of PDFs stored in network folders.

Imagine that you have to jot down this information manually, transcribing it or doing thousands, tens of thousands, of "copy/paste" between PDFs and a spreadsheet.

Imagine that as you do this work, some of the documents you are working on are replaced because you receive updated versions.

Imagine having to cross-check the data in those documents against some lists, regulations and specifications. Imagine that this process never ends--because in the meantime some of the documents have been replaced and some of the regulations have changed.

It sounds impossible... but such a process exists, is present in virtually every company, of every industry and size, and is concerned with managing information about the hazardous chemicals the company uses.

This information comes with specific documents, the SDS (Safety Data Sheets), which suppliers usually send to their customers as PDF documents. Each document consists of many pages, at least a dozen, but sometimes many more, and each company has to manage hundreds and sometimes thousands (depending on the type and size of the company).

digitalization and sustainability with SDS FullService from Every SWS.

Digital Transformation: a bridge to the future

SDSs are used both to assess Chemical Risk, to determine Sustainability Indices, to check compliance with current Health, Safety and Environmental regulations , and to confirm to customers compliance with their Specifications regarding proscribed chemicals.

For Every Software Solutions, digitalization data is the lever to meet the challenges of Sustainability, Health, Safety and Environment

Every Software Solutions, which specializes in Cloud services concerning the management of processes based on digitalization business documents, to create efficiency in this context proposes Share-SDS Drive, a Solution that starts from a premise: transforming the information contained in SDSs into DIGITAL DATA, which can be processed using IT tools. Thus making them archivable, searchable and comparable with otherwise impossible automatisms.

To make this Solution efficient, Every Software Solutions has solved one of the main barriers that anyone who has approached this process manually has faced: the time it takes to digitalize this information.

The timeliness of the process is achieved through a service assisted by technology-unique data extraction from SDSs. These activities are handled by ChemParser, a company of which Every Software Solutions is a co-founder. This service makes it possible to drastically reduce the time of digitalization of the information, as well as the costs and inevitable errors that are made when this activity is done manually, thus making it possible to obtain a wealth of information and data analysis that would otherwise be impossible.

Share-SDS Drive is used by companies in every industry (e.g., Industrial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Fashion) and of all sizes. 

Our team is here to help you manage SDSs and keep track of hazardous substances!

SDS FullService clients: different sectors, common goals

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