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Watchlist Monitor

The Software for Regulatory & Sustainability Managers

The Cloud Solution that synchronizes your Chemical Inventory with ECHA public lists, California Prop. 65 and other industry lists or lists of your interest

Continuous monitoring of MRSLs and alerting of changes

Detects, controls and monitors hazardous substances

Managing chemicals in the enterprise and along the supply chain is becoming increasingly important and involves being able to analyze large amounts of data and keep track of continuous updates.

Watchlist Monitor synchronizes your digitalized Chemical Inventory with ECHA lists, ZDHC's MRSL, California Proposition 65, and other industry lists, either your own or those of Clients.

Watchlist Monitor automatically detects the substances and components of your mixtures included in the various lists, greatly simplifying the identification of hazardous substances.

Watchlist Monitor is the tool that allows Regulatory and Sustainability Managers to:


Preventing the use of undesirable substances on watchlists or own lists


Consult the detail of each identified substance (Attachments, Dossiers, etc.).


Maintain compliance with REACH regulations


Exporting information for sustainability reporting and environmental management purposes


Watchlist Monitor

Integrates chemical inventory with public and sectoral lists

How to operate in accordance with ECHA regulations, comply with industry regulations, and control the use of banned or restricted substances found in Client specifications?

Watchlist monitor allows you to cross-reference substances or components of mixtures in your chemical inventory with any public or private list to detect substances to watch for.

Detects hazardous substances in mixtures

Watchlist Monitor can highlight and report the current status of a substance (present in your products either at the substance level or at the component level of a mixture) by cross-referencing it with lists of your specific interest.

Thanks to the integration of the Chemical Inventory of Share-SDS Drive with the lists, Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Managers have a very efficient tool that saves considerable time on the continuous monitoring of their chemicals.

Example of a mixture of several substances (section 3 of the Safety Data Sheet).

In this example, you can see the membership of substances in MRSL lists integrated into Share-SDS Drive next to the most relevant chemical information (e.g., name, CAS number, CLP classification, hazard statements (H phrases), precautionary statements (P) and concentration ranges).

Receive notifications about the hazardous status of a substance

Watchlist Monitor identifies the presence of substances and changes over time, both in the lists you manage and in your portfolio of Safety Data Sheets.

Following the changes, a notification report is automatically sent to the various designated managers highlighting:

  • New substances included in the lists managed and present in the corporate Chemical Inventory
  • New SDSs and/or new revisions that contain substances included in the integrated lists

With this feature, HSE, Regulatory and Sustainability managers are automatically informed and can assess the impact of the update, take appropriate measures to mitigate risks, evaluate alternative substances and improve safety within the organization.

Main Databases Integrated in Share-SDS Drive

  • Candidate List (SVHC): list of candidate substances for inclusion in authorization.
  • Restriction List: list of restricted substances (Annex XVII of REACH).
  • Authorization List: list of authorized substances (Annex XIV of the REACH regulation).
  • Registered Substances: list of registered substances as per REACH regulation.
  • Harmonized List: list of harmonized substances (Annex VI of the CLP Regulation).
  • POPs List: list of persistent organic pollutants (Stockholm Convention).

California Proposition 65

OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment) CA-65: list of natural or synthetic chemicals that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic


Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals

ZDHC MRSL: list of restricted substances in the textile, tanning and footwear industry

  • Drug precursor: list of drug precursors (European Commission Regulation No. 2023/196).
  • Chemical Weapons Precursors: list of chemical weapons precursors as per EU Regulation 218/1544

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Watchlist Monitor

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