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Solutions for the management of Safety Data Sheets

Software for HSE, H&S, Sustainability Manager, Reach and Regulatory Manager

Cloud solutions for the deployment of Safety Data Sheets, the management of the online SDS collector and the control of chemical substances in the company

Digitalizes data from SDS PDFs to make them processable

Get an impressive amount of digital information that allows you otherwise unimaginable analysis

Indexing / digitalization Automatic Safety Data Sheets (SDS) with SDS Fullservice from Every SWS
ChemParser logo extracts and digitalizes SDSs from SDS FullService from Every SWS

ChemParser automates one of the most burdensome processes in the management of Safety Data Sheets: reads the information contained in the PDFs of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS), interprets them and makes them available to the entire company in digital format.

Supports H&S and HSE Manager in setting up the information needed for Safe and Sustainable management of chemicals.

Processes normally unworkable become possible with ChemParser:


Conducting searches among SDSs


Quickly access useful information


Conduct cross-references and evaluations with data from the Chemical Substance Databases (Watchlist)


Simplify the quality control process of SDSs

Software Solutions for HSE, REACH & REGULATORY MANAGER

Share-SDS Drive

The online collector of Safety Data Sheets

The easiest and most effective way to manage Safety Data Sheets, search them according to the information they contain and make them available to Production and R&D Departments, in full compliance with the REACH Regulation and health and safety regulations (Legislative Decree 81/08).


Centralized, organized and up-to-date archive of your SDSs accessible via the Internet


Historical archiving of Safety Data Sheets obsolete or discontinued products


Search capabilities possible for all digitalized data (including full text within documents) in your chemical inventory


Standard distribution of SDSs to users (Legislative Decree 81/2008)


Simplified access to Safety Data Sheets or ward kiosks


Configurable processes for document and data flow (validation cycle, approval, etc.)


Integration of public (ECHA, California Prop. 65 and others), private and industry lists to detect and track hazardous and/or unwanted substances


Integration with chemical risk assessment data

Software Solutions for HSE, Regulatory & Sustainability Manager

Watchlist Monitor

Detects, controls and monitors hazardous substances

Watchlist Monitor synchronizes your digitalized Chemical Inventory with ECHA lists, ZDHC's MRSL, California Proposition 65, and other industry lists, either your own or with Customer specifications


Quickly identify hazardous substances in use and on public or industry lists


Preventing the use of unwanted substances on watchlists or own lists


Consult the detail of each identified substance (Attachments, Dossiers, etc.).


Automatically receive notifications of changes in substance lists, both for chemicals already in use and for new products or revisions of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Maintain compliance with REACH regulations


Exporting information for sustainability reporting and environmental management purposes

Software Solutions for REACH & REGULATORY MANAGER

Share-SDS Delivery

Standard distribution of Safety Data Sheets to downstream users

The solution for on-time delivery of Safety Data Sheets to customers.

In full compliance with Articles 31 and 36 of REACH and applying the recommendations of CEFIC, FECC and DUCC.


Connects to any ERP


The Monitor of mailings and receptions is centralized


It has various transmission channels to the recipient


Provides and records acknowledgement of receipt


Retains data for 10 years

Benefits of SDS FullService Cloud Solutions

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - SDS FullService Solutions

24/7 Availability

Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Access information when you need it, wherever you are.

Ease of Use- SDS FullService Solutions

Ease of use

Use the service immediately, without training activities.

Multilingual Interface- SDS FullService Solutions

Tutorial & Interface

Multilingual interface, Tutorial with movies illustrating the operation of the service.

Scalable and Flexible System - SDS FullService Solutions

A scalable and rapidly deployable solution

A solution available in different configurations suitable for all businesses.

Rapid ROI - SDS FullService Solutions

Rapid return on investment

Reduce time-consuming manual tasks and automate SDS management.

Cloud solution with no software to install or maintain - SDS FullService Solutions

Low cost of ownership

With no software to install or maintain, with immediate access to new implementations and features.

SDS-FullService customers: different industries, common goals

Our team is here to help you manage SDSs and keep track of hazardous substances!

Software solutions for the management of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

With ChemParser you automatically extract data from SDSs - With SDS FullService


Automatic extraction of information from Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Cloud Software to manage Safety Data Sheets (SDS): Share-SDS Drive by Every SWS

Share-SDS Drive

Centralized and up-to-date binder of your Safety Data Sheets (SDS): the whole company can quickly access the data

MRSL Watchlist monitor by SDS FullService integrate ECHA lists to keep tabs on hazardous substances

Watchlist Monitor

Continuous monitoring of your hazardous substances with cross-checking against MRSLs of interest to you and automatic notifications of changes that have occurred

Manage Delivery to customers of your SDSs with Every SWS's Share-SDS Delivery Software.

Share-SDS Delivery

Automatic and secure delivery of SDSs, complies with REACH reg. and recommendations of CEFIC, FECC and DUCC