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The Software for H&S & HSE Manager

The Cloud Solution That Supports H&S and HSE Manager in the management of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) thanks to a centralized database for the control of chemical products in the company

The Database of Hazardous Substances in the Enterprise

The solution for keeping chemicals under control

Share-SDS Drive is the software, Supporting H&S and HSE Manager in the management of Safety Data Sheets and chemical control.

It is a simple and effective system for storing SDSs, searching them based on the information they contain, and sharing them with all relevant business functions, sites, and departments.


Centralized, organized and up-to-date archive of your SDSs accessible via the Internet


Historical archiving of obsolete SDSs or products no longer in use


Search capabilities possible for all digitalized data in your Chemical Inventory


Standard distribution of SDSs to users (Legislative Decree 81/2008)


Simplified access to reduced SDS or departmental kiosks


Configurable processes for document and data flow (validation cycle, approval, etc.)


Integration of public (ECHA, California Prop. 65 and others), private and industry lists to detect and track hazardous and/or unwanted substances


Integration with chemical risk assessment data

The main features of Share-SDS Drive

Indexing / digitalization Automatic Safety Data Sheets (SDS) with SDS Fullservice from Every SWS

Automatic data extraction from SDSs for enhanced analysis

Automatically extract salient information from SDSs to work more smoothly.

SDS Catalog with Share-SDS Drive by SDS FullService by Every SWS

All SDSs in a single repository

Put SDSs in order and find everything you are looking for right away.

Example of a low-complexity SDS workflow from Share SDS Drive - SDS Fullservice

Improved control of internal processes

Set up structured processes to have full control over the SDSs received.

Share-SDS Drive Viewer - SDS FullService Solutions

Effective management of SDS availability in the company

Make Safety Data Sheets available to the users, sites and departments involved. 

Supplier Collaboration Safety Data Sheets by Share-SDS Drive | SDS FullService

Supplier Collaboration

Communicates SDS nonconformities with suppliers/manufacturers.

Keep track of hazardous substances with Share-SDS Drive from SDS FullService by Every SWS

Control of hazardous substances

Expand the possibilities of analyzing SDS data by cross-referencing them with those from public or private databases.

Data Import/Export and API Share-SDS Drive - SDS FullService Solutions.

Importing and exporting data

Import data from your worksheet or export it in the format you prefer.

Enhanced data analysis: automatic SDS extraction and indexing

Share-SDS Drive is able to associate each document with the information it contains thanks to our technologies of automatic extraction and indexing of the data.

Indexing works by transforming SDS into easily searchable and assessable digital data, making SDS a tool with which to work easily.

Data are not manually uploaded (a very onerous task) but automatically extracted from SDSs thanks to our method of working with ChemParser, a technology specially developed in order to drastically reduce time and errors of manual loading.

We extract data from sections 1,2 and 3 of the SDS and supplement it with data needed for your management process or, for example, with information useful for Chemical Risk prevention and assessment.

What data is automatically extracted from the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

Below is a table of "standard" data extracted by section. Additional information can be extracted based on specific requests made by client companies.


Section 1



  • Name of the substance or mixture (trade name, mixture name)
  • Date of revision
  • Language
  • Product Type (Substance/Mix)
  • Name of manufacturer
  • UFI Code
  • Relevant and discouraged uses

Section 2

Hazard Identification


  • CLP Classification/Category
  • Pictograms 
  • Warning
  • H phrases (hazard statements)
  • P phrases (cautionary advice)

Section 3

Composition / Component information

  • Substance name/designation
  • CAS number, EC number, Index, REACH registration number
  • CLP Classification/Category
  • H phrases (hazard statements)
  • Concentration ranges (Range %)
  • M factor
  • Notes


Yours Safety Data Sheets In one place: storage and searches

Thanks to an organization based on panels that can be divided by progress in the approval workflow, product type, different levels of confidentiality and classification indexes,Share-SDS Drive offers a new level of efficiency throughout the entire process of archiving and consulting Safety Data Sheets.

Each panel also has the corresponding "Obsolete" panel to archive SDS versions replaced by new Revisions for the 10-year retention required by the regulations.

Each document stored in Share-SDS Drive, moreover, is easily searchable by taking advantage of any combination of index data that characterizes it. For example, it can be searched through:

      • Name of manufacturer
      • Name of the substance or mixture
      • Substance identification codes (EINECS, CAS Number and Index)
      • REACH registration number
      • Date of revision
      • H Phrases (Hazard statements) and P Phrases (cautionary statements)
      • Pictograms
      • Components of mixtures
      • Range % (for mixtures)
      • CLP Category Classification
      • ... and much more!

Improved control of internal processes



Management of validation, approval, and distribution processes for SDSs received via Workflow

The process of managing and distributing SDSs is fundamental to workplace health and safety. To meet the diverse needs of all organizations, the process is customized and guided through workflows.

With Share-SDS Drive, workflows can be configured to manage the processes of:

      • update
      • validation
      • approval
      • adoption by H&S of establishment
      • distribution of SDSs to users

Quickly visualize the differences between two SDSs: Work only where you need to!

Different actors in the SDS approval workflow mayneed to compare different versions of an SDS in order to quickly find changes that have occurred.

To address this need, Share-SDS Drive, during the various stages of the SDS management process, provides a feature that makes it easy to compare PDFs of documents.

For example, it may be of interest to see the differences between:

      • document in use and its revision under evaluation
      • document in use at the plant and its revision being adopted
      • document in use and an earlier version filed under obsolete
      • document of a new product that is a replacement for a product in use and that the supplier claims is "virtually the same"

Effective management of the availability of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the company



Making SDSs available to all users at the various company sites

Making the correct information contained in SDSs available to workers is not only a duty for the person in charge, it is an obligation of the employer enshrined in Article 227 of Legislative Decree 81/2008.

With structured internal distribution processes, Share-SDS Drive is able to guarantee access to both documents and data within their competence to all interested users at the various company sites (H&S; R&D; Medical Officer, workers in the department, ...) .

The HSE/H&S maintain full control over the actual documents at each site, both domestic and international, and are able to verify the level of update and the presence of SDSs in the required languages.

Supplier Collaboration Safety Data Sheets by Share-SDS Drive | SDS FullService

Supplier Collaboration: communication with suppliers and manufacturers

Share-SDS Drive also enables more effective management of communication with suppliers/manufacturers

This feature, called Supplier Collaboration, gives the ability to send an email to the supplier/manufacturer whenever an SDS nonconformance is found.

Full control of the database of hazardous substances in the company

Integration of external Databases to monitor your hazardous substances

Within Share-SDS Drive it is possible to integrate public lists of substances, such as major ECHA Databases, and also industry databases, as well as additional lists of substances that the company intends to replace or monitor.

Here are some examples of public and private databases and lists of (banned or restricted) industry substances:

      • ECHA Candidate List
      • ECHA Restriction List
      • ECHA Authorization List
      • ECHA Registered Substances
      • ECHA Harmonized List
      • MRSL ZDHC
      • Private MRSL (customer specifications)
      • OEHHA California Proposition 65

Cross Reference features to improve control

The Cross Reference feature
identifies and marks all your chemicals that contain substances included in the integrated lists (one or more) that are of interest to you.

Regularly, the Cross Reference Report feature informs managers by sending reports with reports on changes that have occurred, namely :

      • If a substance (or component of a mixture) in your chemical inventory has recently been included on one of the lists
      • Whether the entry of a new SDS or its update includes one or more substances on the lists

This means being able to be constantly updated on the changing hazardous conditions of their products and being able to take timely action on prevention and protection measures.

Main Databases Integrated in Share-SDS Drive

  • Candidate List (SVHC): list of candidate substances for inclusion in authorization.
  • Restriction List: list of restricted substances (Annex XVII of REACH).
  • Authorization List: list of authorized substances (Annex XIV of the REACH regulation).
  • Registered Substances: list of registered substances as per REACH regulation.
  • Harmonized List: list of harmonized substances (Annex VI of the CLP Regulation).
  • POPs List: list of persistent organic pollutants (Stockholm Convention).

California Proposition 65

OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment) CA-65: list of natural or synthetic chemicals that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic


Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals

ZDHC MRSL: list of restricted substances in the textile, tanning and footwear industry

  • Drug precursor: list of drug precursors (European Commission Regulation No. 2023/196).
  • Chemical Weapons Precursors: list of chemical weapons precursors as per EU Regulation 218/1544
Data Import/Export and API Share-SDS Drive - SDS FullService Solutions.

Importing and exporting data

Share-SDS Drive provides specific functionality for importing and exporting data.

It is possible to import data from:

      • your SDSs (in .pdf or .zipper format) thanks to our automatic extraction tools and digitalization of the information contained in sections 1, 2, and 3
      • corporate spreadsheets, e.g. Excel files
      • management systems already in place in the company
      • additional databases

It is possible to extract/export documents one by one, select and extract documents into a .zipper file, exchange data with other management applications, in different formats, such as:

      • Excel files
      • CSV, TXT
      • PDF / Zip
      • XML/JSON

Benefits of SDS FullService Cloud Solutions

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - SDS FullService Solutions

24/7 Availability

Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Access information when you need it, wherever you are.

Ease of Use- SDS FullService Solutions

Ease of use

Use the service immediately, without training activities.

Multilingual Interface- SDS FullService Solutions

Tutorial & Interface

Multilingual interface, Tutorial with movies illustrating the operation of the service.

Scalable and Flexible System - SDS FullService Solutions

A scalable and rapidly deployable solution

A solution available in different configurations suitable for all businesses.

Rapid ROI - SDS FullService Solutions

Rapid return on investment

Reduce time-consuming manual tasks and automate SDS management.

Cloud solution with no software to install or maintain - SDS FullService Solutions

Low cost of ownership

With no software to install or maintain, with immediate access to new implementations and features.

Our team is here to help you manage SDSs and keep track of hazardous substances!

Software solutions for the management of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

With ChemParser you automatically extract data from SDSs - With SDS FullService


Automatic extraction of information from Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Cloud Software to manage Safety Data Sheets (SDS): Share-SDS Drive by Every SWS

Share-SDS Drive

Centralized and up-to-date binder of your Safety Data Sheets (SDS): the whole company can quickly access the data

MRSL Watchlist monitor by SDS FullService integrate ECHA lists to keep tabs on hazardous substances

Watchlist Monitor

Continuous monitoring of your hazardous substances with cross-checking against MRSLs of interest to you and automatic notifications of changes that have occurred

Manage Delivery to customers of your SDSs with Every SWS's Share-SDS Delivery Software.

Share-SDS Delivery

Automatic and secure delivery of SDSs, complies with REACH reg. and recommendations of CEFIC, FECC and DUCC