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The Software for REACH & Regulatory Managers

The Cloud Solution that allows the secure and compliant distribution of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to the recipients of the products

The standardized distribution of SDSs to downstream users.

How to meet compliance with REACH and CLP regulations

The software solution for on-time delivery of Safety Data Sheets to the recipients of the products.

In full compliance with Articles 31 and 36 of REACH and applying the recommendations of CEFIC as well as leading industry associations such as, Confindustria


Connects to any ERP


The Monitor of mailings and receptions is centralized


It has various transmission channels to the recipient


Provides and records the Receipt Acknowledgement


Retains data for 10 years

For the REACH Manager.

Share-SDS Delivery

The delivery, with confirmation of receipt, of each SDS to each recipient of the product

Automatic and secure delivery of SDSs to your product recipients whenever required by the REACH and CLP Regulations.

The solution that simplifies the task of delivery and allows you to verify that each of your SDSs has been received and taken care of.

Retains all information and accompanying documents, including acknowledgement of receipt, for ten years.

The Delivery of the Safety Data Sheets to Downstream Users

Share SDS Delivery performs delivery of SDS to downstream users - SDS Fullservice

The service is dedicated to the REACH Manager and the corporate resources who are responsible for delivering Safety Data Sheets to product recipients.
The compliant delivery of each SDS is both a delicate and complex task.

Delicate because it is essential that the Safety Data Sheet reaches the hands of the recipient in a timely manner and that its receipt can be verified.

Complex because to carry it out is necessary:

  1. First decide whether or not it should be provided
  2. Then transmit it and make sure the recipient actually received it

Which SDSs must be delivered according to REACH rules?

The Safety Data Sheets must be delivered to recipients according to precise rules.
These rules are intended to speed up the transmission of information on substances and mixtures to downstream users as much as possible.

Share-SDS Delivery determines which SDSs to deliver to which recipients completely autonomously, with a service independent of the user's ERP.

Simply provide Share-SDS Delivery with shipping information or documents that the company issues (e.g., transport document, order confirmations or PDF bids).

The scanned documents are processed by the system that identifies and extracts basic information about the recipient, destination site and products, to which Match the corresponding Safety Data Sheets, in the language defined for the destination country or in several languages if expressly requested by the recipient.

The service not only captures transport documents but is also capable of handling other document types. Consequently, if you wish to anticipate the delivery of one or more SDSs, you only need to provide Share-SDS Delivery with those documents that precede transport document, such as tenders, order confirmations or delivery orders to logisticians. 

DDT capture and product matching - SDS from SDS FullService

The Distribution of Reviews

Art. 31.9 of Reg. REACH requires the submission of Safety Data Sheets updated (new versions concerning the hazardousness of substances or mixtures) to all recipients who have received the products in the last 12 months.

Share-SDS Delivery performs this service completely autonomously. When the Manager uploads the new version of an SDS, if he has indicated that it is to be transmitted, the system:


Identifies interested recipients


Prepare notification emails


Transmits SDSs


Checks its reception


Record submissions


Registers receipt feedbacks

The distribution of other documents

Share-SDS Delivery also allows you to send other documents such as:


Exhibition Scenarios


Ministerial Labels


Product Revocations


Fact Sheets


Certificates or other communications

Centralized Monitor

The Centralized Monitor keeps track of both deliveries in progress and those already made.

This means that with one interface, you can know the status of all transmissions, to any recipient, whatever channel they are using.

The service also providesautomatic issuance of reminders, for all those documents whose delivery has not yet been found.

Share-SDS Delivery, in full compliance with the rules and recommendations of the European Agencies, It is used for the distribution of Safety Data Sheets only channels that track the receipt, so it is able to provide proof of delivery to the recipient (proof of delivery).

Why is it necessary to track reception?

Providing the SDS to downstream users is a regulated task and a complex fulfillment. The REACH reg. indicates that the SDS shall be provided ("shall be provided"). ECHA clarifies that the phrase should be interpreted as a task to be fulfilled:

"A positive duty on the supplier to actually deliver the SDS."

In turn, CEFIC, DUCC and FECC recommend:

"For enforcement and liability purposes companies should keep track of the provision of the SDS"

"It is recommended to have a process of active follow-up for bouncing e-mails."

Reception Feedback

Example of a receipt of successful delivery of an SDS via PEC.

In the case of Fax and PEC, receipts acquired from the providers performing the Delivery (Retarus for FAX and InfoCert for PEC) are archived.

In other cases, the details of the conversation that occurs between the two Servers are recorded, during the download of Safety Data Sheet.

10 years of Conservation

With Share-SDS Delivery, all the operations carried out to deliver to the Recipient the Safety Data Sheet, including acknowledgment of receipt, is stored for 10 years.

According toArticle 36 of REACH, "each manufacturer, importer, downstream user and distributor shall gather all the information necessary to fulfill the obligations of the regulation and shall ensure its availability for a period of at least 10 years after it last manufactured, imported, supplied or used the substance or mixture."



Benefits of SDS FullService Cloud Solutions

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - SDS FullService Solutions

24/7 Availability

Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Access information when you need it, wherever you are.

Ease of Use- SDS FullService Solutions

Ease of use

Use the service immediately, without training activities.

Multilingual Interface- SDS FullService Solutions

Tutorial & Interface

Multilingual interface, Tutorial with movies illustrating the operation of the service.

Scalable and Flexible System - SDS FullService Solutions

A scalable and rapidly deployable solution

A solution available in different configurations suitable for all businesses.

Rapid ROI - SDS FullService Solutions

Rapid return on investment

Reduce time-consuming manual tasks and automate SDS management.

Cloud solution with no software to install or maintain - SDS FullService Solutions

Low cost of ownership

With no software to install or maintain, with immediate access to new implementations and features.

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Download the Share SDS-Delivery Compliance Analysis and Assessment with the regulatory obligations regarding the transmission and delivery of Safety Data Sheets.

Download the CEFIC's recommendations regarding the distribution of SDSs.

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Our team is here to help you manage SDSs and keep track of hazardous substances!

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