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Digital transformation and green processes: staples of growth

Every Software Solutions' digital innovation is focused on health, safety and the environment with sustainability in mind

28/10/2022 - Il Sole 24 Ore

Today there is a lot of talk about Digital transformation of business processes to achieve productivity, competitiveness and growth goals, and there is a realization that the only possible growth can take place in compliance with sustainability principles. Compliance with environmental, social and governance criteria, the so-called ESG factors, direct the capital of investment communities, European funding and consumer choices more than ever before. Planning for sustainable business development has never been more important for a company's reputation, development and profits.

In terms of environmental sustainability, one of the most urgent goals defined by the UN 2030 Agenda is Goal 12, which aims for the environmentally sound management of chemicals and wastes in order to significantly reduce their release into the air, water and soil and minimize their negative impact on human health and the environment. Same goal is at the heart of the European Green Deal, which adopted the EU Strategy on Chemicals for Sustainability to reduce and phase out hazardous substances for a toxic-free environment.

Digital transformation and green processes - SDS FullService from Every SWS

Every SWS

Sustainable development is important for the company's reputation and profits

Primary objective and, in fact, in line with European chemical regulations and health, safety and environmental regulations, with which all companies involved in the chain of purchasing, production and use of chemicals already have to comply.

Those responsible for these areas (HSE), R&D departments and those involved in Sustainability reporting well know how complex it is to manage the enormous amount of chemical data and ever-changing regulations that must be taken into account to ensure compliance with standards, industry constraints and customer specifications. It is clear that implementing a corporate policy of compliance and environmental sustainability means being able to take advantage of effective management tools and, above all, being able to rely on digitalized and structured data to make correct and informed decisions and to obtain indices and measurements (KPIs) necessary for the reporting process.

Every Software Solutions takes care of the digitalization of the Safety Data Sheets and the countless chemical information that must circulate efficiently in the company and along the Supply Chain. Every Software Solutions addresses these issues with a completely innovative digital methodology to support companies in every step of the compliance and chemical sustainability process. SDSFullService is the suite of solutions and services dedicated to these issues and can be viewed at the website www.sds-fullservice.com

Our team is here to help you manage SDSs and keep track of hazardous substances!

SDS FullService clients: different sectors, common goals

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For the company, not controlling the process of receiving and managing SDS can pose significant risks. Among the various types of documentation, the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) play a role of primary importance, especially when it comes to environmental risk, occupational health and safety, compliance and sustainability.

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Guiding the path of an SDS in the company

In order to be able to conduct a proper chemical risk assessment and make complete and correct information available to end users, the SDSs received must be included in a process consisting of activities aimed at verifying, using, and sometimes enriching the data that are extracted from the SDSs.

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digitalization and Sustainability

2021 - Il Sole 24 Ore - For Every Software Solutions, digitalization of data is the lever to meet the challenges of Sustainability, Health, Safety and Environment. Every Software Solutions has solved one of the main barriers that anyone approaching this process manually has faced: the time it takes to digitalize this information.

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2019 - Cosmetic Technology - Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are the primary source by which hazard and management information on substances and mixtures is conveyed throughout the supply chain. Companies often struggle with finding, consulting, and properly evaluating the SDSs of chemicals on their premises.