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For HSE & Regulatory Manager

A team of experts in health and safety (Legislative Decree 81/08) and the European Regulations REACH and CLP, with in-depth knowledge in a wide range of industries and related regulations

Consultancy Safety Data Sheets

A team of experts REACH, CLP and Legislative Decree 81/08

Consulting services are carried out by our network, a team of experts in REACH, CLP, and health and safety regulations (Legislative Decree 81/08). With in-depth knowledge in a wide range of sectors and related regulations.


Chemical regulatory enforcement evaluation


Drafting and verification Safety Data Sheets


Verification of Exposure Scenarios


Toxicological and Ecotoxicological Evaluation of Chemicals.


Chemical Risk Assessment

REACH, CLP and L.D. 81/08

REACH represents the European Commission's Regulation for the management of chemicals and their safe use.

REACH was created with the goal of improving the protection of human health and the environment through better knowledge of the intrinsic properties of chemicals. It involves everyone: manufacturers, importers, distributors and industrial or professional users of chemicals.

The obligations of the regulations

The obligations, for Companies affected by this complex legislation, include activities as diverse as Registration, Application for Authorization, and proper reporting of certain information within the supply chain.

Safety Data Sheet = information for safe use of chemicals

Particularly relevant to the latter becomes Safety Data Sheet, a key tool for conveying information on safe use of chemicals.

Professional Services Safety Data Sheets by SDS Fullservice

Partners with heterogeneous expertise

The collaboration with our Partners and the ethereogenicity of their expertise allows us to offer specific consultations regarding:

  • the drafting and/or evaluation of the Safety Data Sheets
  • The verification of the application of the Exposure Scenarios.
  • the Toxicological Evaluation
  • The Chemical Agent-Related Risk Assessment.

Ready to support inspection visits and statutory deadlines

The professionalism and availability of our partners will allow you to calmly manage chemicals in your company. In addition, with training, refresher and audit services your company will be ready to support inspection visits and deadlines imposed by law.

Services for Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

SDS Cataloging, Assessment and Cleaning offered Every Software Solutions -Software and Services for SDS Management.

SDS Cataloging & Assessment

We census and catalog the SDSs present in the company, eliminating duplicates, unnecessary ones, and obsolete ones

Research & Update Safety Data Sheets (SDS) offered by Every SWS's SDS FullService

SDS Research & Update

We retrieve missing SDSs or necessary updates by contacting the supplier

Automatic Indexing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) offered by Every SWS's SDS FullService

SDS Indexing

We generate, by automatic extraction, the digital archive of SDSs with key data to carry out consultations, analyses and searches on all substances and mixtures in use

Professional services for SDS offered by SDS FullService of Every SWS

Professional Services

The services of our Chemical Regulatory Partners: a team of experts in REACH, CLP, health and safety (Legislative Decree 81/08) and environmental regulations 

Our team is here to help you manage SDSs and keep track of hazardous substances!