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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Indexing Service. 

For HSE & Regulatory Manager

The service that automatically extracts information from Security Data Sheets and transforms it into digital data that can actually be used

Automatic extraction of data from your SDSs.

Our SDS Indexing service can automatically create the digital archive of your SDSs with the documents (.pdf) and relevant data for each substance or mixture in use, making them effectively usable for further consultation, research and analysis.

Data are not manually uploaded (a very onerous task) but automatically extracted from the SDSs thanks to our method of working with ChemParser, a technology specially developed in order to drastically reduce the time and errors of manual loading.

All the information thus obtained is made available in your online database Share-SDS Drive.

The results of indexing SDSs

With the SDS Indexing Service:


you can have a centralized, comprehensive database for every substance and mixture used


you can eliminate redundant folders and unreliable Excel files


you can do all kinds of consultations and searches among the SDS data


verification and analysis of data on hazardous substances and mixtures is dramatically simplified


time for chemical risk assessment and prevention is also reduced

What data are automatically extracted from Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)?


Section 1



  • Name of the substance or mixture (trade name, mixture name)
  • Date of revision
  • Language
  • Product Type (Substance/Mix)
  • Name of manufacturer
  • UFI Code
  • Relevant and discouraged uses

Section 2

Hazard Identification


  • CLP Classification/Category
  • Pictograms 
  • Warning
  • H phrases (hazard statements)
  • P phrases (cautionary advice)

Section 3

Composition / Component information

  • Substance name/designation
  • CAS number, EC number, Index, REACH registration number
  • CLP Classification/Category
  • H phrases (hazard statements)
  • Concentration ranges (Range %)
  • M factor
  • Notes


Why is data extraction from SDSs really useful?

Safety Data Sheets are a mine of information and play a key role in Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability.

The information in the SDSs is organized in numerous sections and subsections and is therefore difficult to consult.
Dematerialization of documents is not sufficient for conducting advanced searches, analyses and comparisons: a digital archive of data is necessary.

Extracting information from SDSs and transforming it into digital data is the only way to effectively use the information you need.

With data indexing in Share-SDS Drive you will have not only an effective storage of SDS but also a complete system for managing your Digitalized Chemical Inventory and integrated with numerous Databases public or private.

Learn how to easily and effectively leverage the information in your SDSs!

Download the White Paper of the SDS Indexing Service for more information, insights, and practical examples!

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